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Walk with Amal - messages of love, hope and togetherness

Amal is a 3.5m high puppet who represents all displaced children. In 2021, 10 year old Amal embarked on a remarkable journey that took her from the Syrian border across Turkey, across Europe. In search of her mother. To get back to school. To start a new life. Amal travelled over 8,000km embodying the urgent message “Don’t forget about us”. To date little Amal has travelled through 70 cities and she has been welcomed at more than 160 unique events, reaching 875,000 people in the 12 countries she has already visited, and millions more online.


Now she takes her next steps…

In June 2022, one year on from leaving Syria, Amal will take part in World Refugee Week by visiting 10 towns and cities across England, meeting old friends and making new ones. Amal will arrive in Leeds on Monday the 20th June in the early evening.

So that children of Leeds have the opportunity to give Amal a warm welcome, they have created a simple flower template and are asking children to decorate the petals with messages of love, hope and togetherness. Completed petals will then be used to create Yorkshire roses, which will be presented to Amal.