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Mobile Phone Use

Mobile Phone Permission for Y5/Y6

Parental permission must be given for children to bring their mobile phone into school. Children must not bring a phone into school without your permission and MUST follow the guidance below:

Mobile phones should be brought only if needed for emergencies/travel to and from school and are done so at the parent's own risk. These must be handed in on arrival to the Front Desk (if your child arrives via the Main Gate) or to the member of staff on duty at Internal Nursery Lane Gate. Mobiles need to be switched off at all times when on school grounds. Children will need to collect their mobile from the Front Desk (if handed in there) or the member of staff on duty at the Internal Nursery Lane Gate (if handed in there). 

Any violations of this will result in children having to take their phone directly to main reception. Repeated problems will result in a ban. 


Any mobile phones not collected at the end of the day will be locked away overnight.