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ACE Role Models

We are pleased to introduce our ACE Role Models for 2023-24


Our role models meet weekly between 3:30 - 4:00pm every Monday to work on exciting school projects. 


Our ACE Role Models are:

Thomas, Noah, Ayesha and Romanie-Louise - our role models for Resilient Spirits 

Seerat, Shangen and Tiyahna - our role models for Open Hearts 

Seb, Evie and Harleen - our role models for Helping Hands 

Luca, Lewan and Caitlin  -  our role models for Sense of Wonder 

Alfie, Amber and Adriana -  our role models for Responsible Steps

Mohammed, Charlie and Elinoy - our role model for Enquiring Minds.


Our Honorary Badge holders for...

Open Heart are: Leo, Leah, Evie, Isaac  

Resilient Spirit are: Gabriel, Evie. Mohammed M, Nza, Neave B

Helping Hands are: Leo, Amrit, Aysel, Sarkar K 

Responsible Steps: Amrit, Scarlett, Lio 

Sense of Wonder: Soma, Benjamin  


For more information on how to achieve a 'badge of honour' or about our Vision & Personal Development Statements, please see our Role Model Video and Personal Development guide below. 

ACE Role Models 2023-24 - Resilient Spirit

ACE Role Models 2023-24 - Open Hearts

ACE Role Models 2023-24 - Enquiring Mind

ACE Role Models 2023-24 - Helping Hands

ACE Role Models 2022 23 - Sense of Wonder

ACE Role Models 2023-24 - Responsible Steps




ACE Role Models

ACE Role Models 2022 23 - Enquirings Minds

ACE Role Models 2022-23 - Helping Hands

ACE Role Models 2022-23 - Open Hearts

ACE Role Models 2022-23 - Resilient Spirits

ACE Role Models 2022-23 - Responsible Steps

ACE Role Model 2022 23 - Sense of Wonder

ACE Role Model Tips Episode 1

To find our more about our ACE Vision and the ACE role models watch our videos:


ACE Role Models - Antibullying video