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Forest School


Forest School is an approach to education that reveals the exceptional outside classroom. The natural environment becomes a unique learning vehicle that drives children’s learning forward. Through endless outdoor opportunities, a special relationship is nurtured between children and their outdoor world. It believes in children’s right to play; the right to access outdoors in a woodland environment; the right to access risk; the right to experience the natural world around them; the right to experience a healthy range of emotions, through all challenges of social interaction, to build resilience that enables continued and creative engagement with peers.


Our children are at the heart of our Forest School education where all learning styles and behaviours are provided for. Forest School at Allerton aims to protect, nurture and support children’s learning and development through hands on practical experiences in a natural environment. Regular experiences with the natural world supports our children on their journey towards becoming confident, healthy, active and imaginative individuals. This holistic approach we believe, works alongside our language for learning philosophy where children foster resilience, confidence, independence and creativity. For our Year One children, this is an extension to the outdoor learning provision already in place. Children across school have the opportunity to take part in Forest School and different outdoor activities in the woodland environment supporting their social, emotional and physical development.


We do things that are not possible indoors
We can be relaxed and inventive
We move around in a bigger space
We experience the wonders of nature


We are resilient learners…We are challenged in weather differences and the changes in the seasons allows use to become resilient to these changes
We try new things through courage and risk… we take a step into the unknown
We show determination with new skills, tools and challenges
We explore new activities
We have opportunities to practise new skills and techniques which helps us become resilient learners.
We have physical challenges within the woodland
We always work in new teams with unfamiliar children
We have regular contact with the natural environment
We take part in decision making
We are confident learners…We develop social relationships with others
We make our own decision making and child led learning
We develop individual voice using talking sticks, talking log, and speaking posts
We learn through practical hands on activities
We are risk takers and these new challenges develops confidence
A learner-centred pedagogical approach is employed developing the confidence and interests of the learner.
We respect others and our outdoor surroundings
We have equal, unique and valuable experiences
We are provided with a safe and supportive environment
We develop friendships and foster a new sense of belonging
We are encouraged through praise and recognition of success
We are independent learners…We are responsible for our own milk, fruit, kit and tools at forest school
We are responsible for own safety with new tools and skills
We have opportunities to discover and explore independently
We set tasks to be completed individually which develops drive and independence
We use thinking skills for new ways of learning
We choose and initiate and drive own learning and development
We develop a strong, positive relationship with their natural world
We initiate our own ideas
We are creative learners…We begin to view the environment in different ways
We play and use the woodland with creativity and imagination
We create natural and woodland art work
We use woodland and natural materials in imaginative play
We use woodland rich texts and are exposed to literature and stories that can be used as role play
We become creative and imaginative woodlands characters adopted as part of the woodland
We make use of the mud kitchen to support creativity
We use expressive arts and use of props