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What training have staff at Allerton CE Primary had to support my child with SEND?

All staff receive quality training throughout the year to ensure they can meet the needs of SEND pupils.


This may be delivered by the SENCo or another, trained, member of the team. It may also be delivered by other agencies.


Training allows staff to develop skills, knowledge and expertise in specific areas of SEND, e.g. SLCN and ASD.


Our staff have been trained in Webster Stratton Classroom Management strategies to ensure uniform behaviour systems are used throughout school.


One member of staff is trained to Autism Awareness Level 3, and everyone else at Level 1. Members of EYFS and specific staff throughout school, have been trained to provide Intensive Interaction interventions.


Through the ARM (Alwoodley, Roundhay and Moortown) Cluster, we have had support from a Play Therapist, and staff worked alongside her to develop their skills.


We are part of the Traded Speech and Language offer and as such have support from a Speech and Language Therapist for two days each week. The therapist runs sessions for pupils and also trains staff and supports parents.


We have a Wellbeing Mentor in order to help address any issues which could have a detrimental impact on a child’s progress, providing support  including bereavement , setting up Early Help Plan meetings and liaising with parents and carers.


We also have had training on supporting memory problems and Irlens Syndrome (eye problems based on visual perception).


6 members of staff including the Head, both Deputies, Attendance Lead, School Counsellor and a member of the admin team, are all fully trained in Child Protection and Safeguarding.  All other staff are trained to whole school level.


We have 17 staff throughout school who are trained in Paediatric First Aid, and some for Administering Medication.


We have staff who speak a number of languages, including Cantonese, Mandarin, Russian, Urdu, Kurdish, Spanish, Punjabi, French and Farsi. If a child comes new to English into school we have a phased, targeted EAL induction.  We ensure if possible they have access to one of these support staff who speak their language, and also to a “buddy” if there is another child who can translate for them. The staff can also help to assess if special educational needs are present in their home language also.