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Maths in the Classroom



In Mathematics lessons you will see:


  • Well-planned lessons that are tailored to support the needs of all children.
  • Children engaged showing a passion for Maths.
  • Interactive and practical learning including concrete, pictorial and abstract resources used in tandem.
  • A range of challenges to consolidate and extend learning.
  • Working walls that enable that enable learning and support discussion.
  • Mathematical vocabulary being used accurately and confidently where children can articulate their reasoning.


On working walls you will see:


  • A 100 square.
  • Worked method(s).
  • Key teaching points linked to the learning.
  • Appropriate stem sentences.
  • Representations of current learning (concrete/pictorial/abstract).
  • Key vocabulary linked to the learning. 
  • Arithmetic question focus.


Maths Journals:

  • Presentation and feedback policy is stuck inside the front cover.
  • Children follow their year group’s presentation expectations, for example, 1 digit per square, title etc.
  • Examples of fluency, reasoning and problem solving are visible.
  • Green pen is used where children have edited or marked their learning (if applicable to year group).
  • Examples of where children have been challenged or extended is visible.