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English - Writing

From their first year in school to their transition to secondary school, we strive to ensure that children at ACE have a passion for writing to entertain, inform and persuade. We want children to be able to teach others through their writing, make records of ideas to look back on and reflect on themselves and the world around them. ACE Writers will be able to draw upon internalised stories and texts from a variety of genres. They will be able to paint a new world with words and evaluate their creations from both a reader’s and a writer’s perspective. ACE Writers will feel empowered by their ability to experiment and reason with vocabulary and grammar for its purpose and audience. We endeavour to instil the knowledge, skills and passion required to create passionate writers who will flourish throughout life.

At ACE we want all children to feel proud of their handwriting. From the moment they enter the Early Years, we focus on the essential skills needed as a basis for this. By understanding the process required from the start of school, we are able to support our children, helping them to carefully craft their skills so that their handwriting is built upon year on year. Our handwriting progression carefully maps out how children should develop this skill in order to become fluent cursive writers. On this document, you will find the progression and links to websites that will support your child at home.